'The NXT Champ Report': Bo Dallas evaluates five of NXT’s rising stars

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December 04, 2013

Aiden English

“The Artiste” is not only NXT’s resident songbird, but a dual threat in terms of verbal and physical execution. While Aiden English may revel in the heat of NXT’s spotlight, English has made it clear that he plans to achieve big things both in the ring and on Broadway’s biggest stage.

Dallas: If Aiden English spent more of his time working on his in-ring skills rather than his singing ability, he could have a bright future. I have to admit, I do like to listen to “The Lion King” soundtrack when I want to relax. If he can perform that one, maybe he’ll get a few more points. For now, he earns a 6 on my Bo-Lievability Scale.

Read a four-act interview with Aiden English.

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