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October 10, 2013

WWE UNIVERSE: Would you ever dare try to hug the Undertaker? 

BAYLEY: I think it's worth a shot. I would have to be very smart and sneaky about it. I think the best chance at hugging The Undertaker would be during his entrance when the lights go out, right as his theme song starts. I would run out and give him a huge hug and then run away as the lights turn back on. I don’t think he would be able to see me in all the fog. Mission accomplished!

WWE UNIVERSE: How many different types of headbands do you own?

BAYLEY: I have 15 headbands right now and plan to get a lot more very soon. Besides them being just plain awesome, I feel like my headbands represent the same to me as a mask does to Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara. I have all kinds of different colors and designs that all symbolize different things of schweetness.

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WWE UNIVERSE: How long have you been wrestling and how did you get started?

BAYLEY: I've been wrestling for a little more than five years now. I went to my first live wrestling show when I was 12 years old for this independent promotion called Big Time Wrestling in Northern California. Since that night, I never missed a show of theirs. I knew once I was of age and my mom allowed it, I wanted to begin training with them.  Once I did, I was wrestling there twice a week for more than four years before I got to come to NXT. 

WWE UNIVERSE: How does it feel to get to live your childhood dream every day?

BAYLEY: It's amazing, exciting and life-changing. I've wanted to be in WWE since I was 11 years old and not once has my mind changed even a little. There are a lot of times when I pass by Full Sail University and think about all I've experienced already and I can't help but get a little emotional about it. I'm learning so much from the best talent in the world and having a blast. I still have a lot I need to do to fulfill my dreams, but I'm so blessed to be where I am now. I just want to say please follow your dreams, whatever they may be. Do anything it takes to get where you want to be.

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