On the rise: The Ascension crowned new NXT Tag Team Champions

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October 03, 2013

No other team in WWE’s current landscape seems to garner more questions than answers. Why the darkness? The screams? The distinctive outfits? O’Brian provided a compelling explanation: “The symbol on our outfits is called the ‘Eye of Horus.’ The symbol stands for protection and the all-knowing, but most importantly, it’s tradition to us.” 

The idea of tradition might be a little hard to digest for a team like The Ascension. After all, everything they’ve done up to this point seems to buck what most would call tradition. They were quick to point out that what we see on the surface might not be an accurate assessment of the two men that make up the substance. 

“Conor and I do not possess so-called magical powers; we just have a strong understanding of what we have to do to be successful. I’m the scalpel and he’s the axe. I dissect and Conor crushes,” Victor revealed. 

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It’s a sentiment echoed by O’Brian: “We train, watch video and we sit and talk. We communicate with one another and that's what makes us such a destructive force. We understand each other.”

O’Brian and Victor have traveled different roads up to this point. Both have encountered individual career setbacks and were told they would never achieve the success they have. Oddly enough, neither man has chosen to speak about his past, choosing to focus on their united mindset for the future.  

“We are hard for most to understand, but really what people don't understand they usually fear. We are that fear in more than one way,” Victor said. 

But in the face of fear, is there still light? In the cryptic words of O’Brian, The Ascension may not just be the tandem that NXT has, but the duo NXT truly needs. 

“The Ascension is a breathing life force that NXT has never had. We are who we are and that won't change. We don't pretend,” O’Brian said. “We strive to alter the face of this universe and bring it to a higher plane. When we rise, the universe will rise with us.” 

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