On the rise: The Ascension crowned new NXT Tag Team Champions

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October 03, 2013

“Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me” are song lyrics made famous by the 1984 Rockwell hit. They seem to be an accurate representation of the tendencies displayed by The Ascension’s Conor O’Brian and Rick Victor. The NXT Superstars who have lurked in the distance while surveying the competition have ironically taken a giant leap into the spotlight as the new NXT Tag Team Champions.

“This is the beginning of something that’s going to last for a long, long time,” said NXT Superstar CJ Parker after witnessing the historic title change when The Ascension defeated Adrian Neville and Corey Graves.

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Who can argue his point? The Ascension has proven to be one of the most powerful NXT tag teams. To some, their dominance should have warranted a title win much sooner, while others speculate how the new champions will handle the spotlight.

Why has The Ascension finally risen? Known for being a man of few words, O’Brian shed some light on the importance of their championship win: “It’s been a long battle with a ton of setbacks. A lot of soldiers passed through our battle with just a few remaining. Only the strong survive.”

From the beginning, it has been the mystique and aura of The Ascension that has set them apart from other NXT tandems. Oftentimes, O’Brian and Victor have secured a psychological edge over their opponents long before their impactful in-ring style reared its painful head. 

“The Ascension stands for physical presence, animalistic mentalities and physical carnage. When opponents see our entrance video and hear our music, they know their fate,” O’Brian told WWE.com.  

“We now represent the best of tag teams on NXT,” said Victor. “There is no one like us around here and we aren’t going anywhere but up.” 

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