Making money: Sylvester Lefort’s lucrative path to NXT

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September 12, 2013

“Who’s the French dude with the flashy clothes?” — A tweet from a member of the NXT Universe at an NXT Live Event in Cocoa, Fla.

Quite frankly, that’s the kind of reaction Sylvester Lefort has grown accustomed to. 

“When you're a jet-setter, being rich is as important as showing it and most of the time, you do it by wearing the greatest Italian tailors and the newest lines of clothing,” Lefort told

Since arriving on the NXT scene, Lefort has used his gift of gab and financial exploits to build his professional clientele. But just how did Lefort develop the power play position that he now holds on NXT television? According to the French Superstar, the seed was planted long before he ever stepped foot inside the squared circle.

“I grew up near the French Riviera, where you quickly learn that the sun and sea are free, but everything else you have to pay for,” he said. 

The French Riviera – otherwise known as Côte d'Azur – is a European hot spot boasting hundreds of beaches, countless resorts and various forms of entertainment along southeastern France’s Mediterranean coastline. One look at the vast array of wealth in the area may explain Lefort’s obsession with financial success.  

“As a teenager I realized that the best way to build my wealth is to be a businessman and toinvest,” he said.  “When I was 18, I started studying international commercial law at the Law University of Nice, France, and I eventually earned my Master’s Degree.” 

While earning his degree, Lefort also began working for his grandfather’s Mediterranean-based oil company. 

“My grandfather ran a company called Magellan Petroleum. I was helping him as a translator for his English-speaking clients and witnessing firsthand how he handled multi-millions of Euros, international negotiations and contact signings” he explained.

Despite earning highly valued real-world experience, Lefort chose to pursue another career path: professional wrestling.

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