Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore: ‘The Realest Guys in the Room’

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August 08, 2013

From that point on, both men – now in their mid-twenties – picked up seemingly right where they left off 10 years prior. 

“It’s one of those rare happenings, but here’s a dude I knew from my neighborhood and now we’re working together for biggest entertainment company in the world,” Amore said. 

With their friendship rekindled, they quickly became one of the more entertaining acts behind the scenes of NXT. Admittedly, their loud behavior often caught them in more trouble than desired, but Amore and Cassady were hungry for an opportunity to display their abilities in the ring.  

“We knew we had something to offer. We did it when we were 15 and we knew we could do it again,” said Amore, aka the self-proclaimed “Certified G.”  

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Fast-forward to a series of not-so-pleasant run-ins with Mason Ryan, and the New York/New Jersey natives find themselves in the pressure cooker of putting their proverbial money where their mouths are. 

“On NXT, you’ve got a locker room of men and women who are afraid to say the wrong thing or offend the wrong person,” said Cassady. “We’re past that stage. We are who we are and we’re proud of it. How can you be real if you’re not real with yourself?”

Will being “real” be enough to climb the ladder of NXT? The verdict is still out, but Cassady and Amore have one assumption when it comes to their next opponents:  “If we had a spelling bee challenge on the name of our next opponent, it’s pretty simple. We’d spell him S-A-W-F-T … SAWFT!”

(That would be “soft” for those of you reading at home.)

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