Seven steps to gorgeous: The Tyler Breeze guide to Superstardom

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August 01, 2013

The moment an NXT competitor is poised to make his or her debut, the goal is universally the same: make a memorable impact and leave a lasting impression. Last week, Tyler Breeze followed suit, but the impression he left may have created more questions than answers.

Sporting a fur coat, slicked-back hair, a self-absorbed strut and an obsession with taking “selfies” on his cell phone, many NXT observers and aficionados questioned whether Breeze was more interested in walking a runway than competing in the ring. Despite a slow start to the match (because Breeze was busy taking self-portraits), the male model scored a victory while maintaining his self-proclaimed “gorgeous looks.”

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Seeing as how NXT's newest face clearly has a different mindset than most when it comes to making an impression, he provided with a seven-step guide defining what it takes to truly become a Superstar. We should remind you that the following guide only reflects the views of Tyler Breeze and not You’ve been warned.

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