NXT Women’s Championship Tournament heats up

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June 27, 2013

Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox knows all about making history. As the first African-American WWE Divas Champion, it seems only fitting that Fox is inching closer toward becoming the first NXT Women’s Champion. With two more matches standing in her way, Fox’s will to forge another history book milestone could be the determining factor in her success.

However, NXT Diva and ring announcer Kendall Skye was a bit more skeptical of Fox’s continued success on NXT.

“Alicia Fox is obviously a favorite because she’s the most experienced Diva of the bunch,” Skye admitted. “With that said, I know many of the NXT Divas very well and part of me thinks that Alicia runs the risk of being overconfident in this tournament.  If she’s not careful, I could easily see one of the other Divas scoring an upset.”

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