Big E Langston’s rise to Superstardom

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June 20, 2013

Big E Langston has just landed at home in Tampa, Fla., following a busy weekend of WWE Live Events and television broadcasts. Just the night before, the nearly 300-pound Superstar was in Dayton, Ohio, for WWE SmackDown. To some, it may seem like yesterday that Langston was a relative unknown cutting his teeth in NXT, but his meteoric rise to dominance has come as little surprise to the man himself.

Since manhandling John Cena during his very first appearance on WWE television, Langston has wowed and amazed the WWE Universe with his nearly unmatched power and intensity. It’s a trait that WWE’s newest face learned at the tender age of 8 years old.  

Watch Langston attack Cena on Raw | Photos of Langston's debut
“I had sand weights and an old rusty bar I kept in the garage,” Langston told “On Saturdays, I'd watch TV and do curls during the commercial breaks until I reached 100 reps.”
The dedication to training helped catapult Langston to an amateur wrestling state championship in high school. Always one to seek out a new challenge, Langston would continue his athletic career as a defensive lineman at the University of Iowa.  

“I train as hard as I do to be the most impressive specimen,” he said. “After all, they don't pay me by the hour.”
That mantra would prove an apt subtitle for the next chapter in his career.

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