Main Event Results: The Architect Rollins deconstructed Dolph Ziggler

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June 10, 2014

WWE COO Triple H journeyed to Main Event for the first-time-ever, flanked by Seth Rollins

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GREEN BAY, Wis. – On a LIVE WWE Main Event on WWE Network, Dolph Ziggler failed to show up the treacherous Seth Rollins in a fast and furious SmackDown rematch. Plus, Layla made a mess out of Summer Rae, Rusev looked to tame  The Wildcat and Luke Harper attempted to creep in on WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso.

After discussing the controversial events on Raw involving the injured Daniel Bryan and the fate of the now vacant WWE World Heavyweight Title – which will be decided in a Ladder Match at Money in the Bank on June 29 – WWE COO Triple H handed Seth Rollins the mic.

The so-called Architect of The Shield described the power he felt when he betrayed Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, cutting out the “dead weight.” Satisfied that he had left his former brothers languishing in “mediocrity” as he seized his opportunity to rise to the top, Rollins thanked Triple H for helping him create that chance.

Dolph Ziggler then interrupted to label Rollins a “self-centered scumbag traitor,” before promising to wipe that smug look his adversary’s face and cram that arrogance down his neck later that night.

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