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May 20, 2014

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LONDON – Broadcast from London, England for the first time on WWE Network, WWE Main Event featured Damien Sandow dressed as Sherlock Holmes battling R-Truth, Naomi facing Aksana for the first time since her injury and Cesaro vs.  Mark Henry to determine who was really The World’s Strongest Athlete.

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WWE Main Event kicked off with the one and only Paul Heyman touting the abilities of his client, Cesaro. Heyman went as far as to call the King of Swing “the world’s strongest man.” This distinction drew the ire of the Superstar who earned that moniker at The World’s Strongest Man competition at the Arnold Scwarzegger Classic – Mark Henry. Heyman, Cesaro and Henry exchanged heated words before Henry bearhugged  the Swiss Superman and forced him from the ring.

Damien Sandow def. R-Truth

Dressed as Sherlock Holmes, Damien Sandown made his way into London’s O2 arena berating the WWE Universe in attendance. Investigating what the “half-wits” would find entertaining, Sandow’s tirade was interrupted by R-Truth. Making his way to the ring and confused over his opponent’s roleplaying, the rapping Superstar came to London for a fight.

Regardless of his comedic  attire and chosen personality, Sandow stepped up early  but R-Truth took then control of the contest. . “Sherlock Sandow” was left to investe a new method of strategy.
Battling back, Sandow went on offense again  but R-Truth found a second wind.. Although R-Truth nearly defeated Sandow, the would be Sherlock Holmes closed the case and picked up a victory following a successful You’re Welcome.

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