WWE Main Event results: Prelude to Money in the Bank

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July 10, 2013

VIRGINIA – With Money in the Bank just days away, Dolph Ziggler had to temporarily divert his attention from his upcoming World Heavyweight Title Match and focus on Antonio Cesaro. Also, Team Rhodes Scholars joined forces with Heath Slater of 3MB to take on the truly titanic trio of Brodus ClaySweet T & The Great Khali.

WWE Main Event photos | Watch Ziggler battle Cesaro

Dolph Ziggler def. Antonio Cesaro by disqualification

Before he takes on Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title this Sunday, The Showoff had to get through Antonio Cesaro on WWE Main Event. The newest ”Real American” came at Ziggler with plenty of firepower on ION Television, not to mention the fact that he had the outspoken Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger in his corner.

While Colter’s pre-match rant was focused on Cesaro’s and Swagger’s participation in the World Title Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match, once the bell rang, Cesaro was focused solely on picking The Showoff apart.

Colter’s charge used his impressive strength to control the early goings of the bout, starting out by wrenching Ziggler’s fingers before moving on to his wrist and then his elbow. The Showoff was able to wrestle free from Cesaro’s grasp on several occasions, but the “Real American” used his muscle to go back on the offensive.

Money in the Bank Preview: Ziggler vs. Del Rio | World Heavyweight Title Contract Ladder Match

Realizing he was outmatched in terms of power, Ziggler changed up his game plan, using his speed and finesse to stay one step ahead of Cesaro. Though he struggled to keep up with the speedy Showoff, Cesaro eventually caught Ziggler with a gutwrench suplex and a flurry of clubbing blows capped off with a skull-rattling European Uppercut.

Cesaro continued his attack with an unbelievable superplex. Ziggler valiantly battled out of the “Real American’s” offense and fought off distractions from Colter and Swagger.  The Showoff had the match won after sliding out of a suplex attempt by Cesaro and connecting with the Zig Zag. Unfortunately for Ziggler, Swagger yanked The Showoff out of the ring before the three-count, giving Ziggler a disqualification victory.

Swagger tried to take Ziggler out with the Patriot Lock, but was sent tumbling over the ringside guardrail by The Showoff. Cesaro then tried to take advantage with the Neutralizer when Ziggler crawled back in the ring, but was dumped to the floor for his troubles. Ziggler deftly leapfrogged over Zeb Colter and got out of dodge, one day closer to his title match against Alberto Del Rio on Sunday.

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