WWE Main Event results: Big Show's open challenge

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February 20, 2013

BILOXI, MISS. – Big Show took center stage on WWE Main Event, irate over the circumstances involving himself, Alberto Del Rio and the World Heavyweight Championship over the past few months.

The World’s Largest Athlete was clearly an angry giant – cutting his entrance theme short so he could scream into a microphone on his way to the ring. After berating WWE Main Event’s broadcast team – specifically targeting The Miz – regarding their coverage of his Elimination Chamber loss to Del Rio, Big Show turned his rage toward SmackDown General Manager Booker T. Claiming that he has been made to look like a fool, The World’s Largest Athlete sought retribution by challenging anyone in the locker room.

Big Show def. The Usos, Brodus Clay and The Great Khali (PHOTOS | WATCH)

The first Superstars to answer Big Show’s challenge were the twin Samoans Jimmy and Jey Uso. However, the rage of the former World Heavyweight Champion quickly put tag team duo on the defensive in an impromptu Handicap Match. Though Big Show dominated the brothers early on, the brothers eventually managed to use their impeccable teamwork and execute a double team suplex followed by dual super kicks, taking down The World’s Largest Athlete . Nevertheless, The Usos’ efforts were for naught as the former World Champion recovered, delivering a double choke slam for the victory.

Immediately following The Usos defeat, Brodus Clay made his way to the ring in unfamiliar fashion  – marching forward without dancing, intent on decimating Big Show. As the opening bell for ION Television’s second impromptu contest sounded, The Funkasaurus and The World’s Largest Athlete locked up, each Superstar struggling to overpower the other. Relying on a fast-paced offense, Clay took advantage and delivered a series of colossal blows before being sent to the outside. Displaying his power and resilience, Big Show reclaimed control, although a late rally by The Funkasaurus nearly ended the former World Heavyweight Champion’s evening.  As Clay tried to execute a big splash in the corner, Big Show countered with a massive KO Punch to secure his second victory.

Alas, there was no rest for the wicked as The Great Khali made his way to the ring for Big Show’s next challenge. WWE’s resident titans collided, trading enormous blows that shook the WWE Universe inside the arena. A virtual stalemate, the gigantic grapplers battled on the outside with Khali maintaining dominance over his opponent. After being tossed into the steel steps, The World’s Largest Athlete made his way back into the ring with Khali in pursuit. As the Punjabi Superstar tried to reenter the ring, Big Show landed a huge KO Punch sending his opponent tumbling to the floor. Unable to answer the referee’s 10-count, Big Show picked up a third victory.

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