WWE Main Event results: 'Hell Yes' for tag team action

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December 19, 2012

Philadelphia — The City of Brotherly Love hosted an action-packed episode of WWE Main Event featuring Team Hell No defending the WWE Tag Team Titles against Team Rhodes Scholars in a rematch from last month. Also, The Prime Time Players continued their quest for tag team dominance and faced Zack Ryder & Santino Marella.

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No def. Team Rhodes Scholars (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Last month on WWE Main Event, Team Rhodes Scholars battled Team Hell No in a fast-paced battle that saw Cody Rhodes suffer a concussion and shoulder injury. Following a full recovery and sporting a new ’stache, Rhodes rejoined his tag team partner Damien Sandow and sought revenge by once again challenging Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championships on WWE Main Event. Despite the injury and absence from active competition, the rivalry between Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars has continued to brew — Sandow and Rhodes believing they are indeed much more civilized than the combustible WWE Tag Team Champions.

Nevertheless, the only way to prove which team is supreme is inside the squared circle and the WWE Universe in Philly was treated to the high stakes rematch between the duos. As the match got underway, it was abundantly clear there was more than just animosity between the respective teams competing on ION Television. Rhodes was set to start the match against Daniel Bryan, but the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes demanded Kane be tagged in to begin the contest.

Kane and Rhodes exchanged blows, but The Big Red Monster maintained the edge over his opponent — revenge no doubt clouding Rhodes’ strategy — ultimately forcing him to tag in Sandow. Team Hell No maintained clear momentum over the challengers, however, and the WWE Universe’s support was strong for the champions, chanting “Yes!” whenever Bryan would scream “No!”
Teamwork was the key to Team Hell No’s domination throughout much of the contest. Though Sandow took the brunt of the punishment, he managed to tag in Rhodes but Kane maintained the advantage. With their outlook grim for capturing the Tag Team Titles, Team Rhodes Scholars adjusted their strategy. Rhodes feigned an injury, allowing Sandow to distract The Big Red Monster as Rhodes threw him into the steel steps.

The nefarious tactics proved to be effective as Sandow and Rhodes displayed teamwork of their own, keeping Kane reeling and — more importantly — away from tagging in Bryan. Avoiding an all-out slugfest with The Big Red Monster, Team Rhodes Scholars made sure to tag in and out frequently, not allowing Kane to adjust his bearings with respect to who he faced inside the ring. But the experience and the resilience of the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion enabled him to make the tag, resulting in Bryan regaining momentum for the champions.

Momentum shifted back and forth, both duos continued to display teamwork in an effort to prove why the championships belong on their waists. Though Team Rhodes Scholars nearly accomplished their goal, Team Hell No continued to fight. As Rhodes and Kane battled once again in the center of the ring, the second-generation Superstar missed a moonsault, giving his rival an opening to deliver a devastating Chokeslam. The maneuver was followed by Bryan’s flying headbutt, allowing Team Hell No to pick up the victory and retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

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