Kane def. The Great Khali (Singapore Cane Match)

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October 04, 2009

MONTREAL - The Great Khali wanted nothing more than to get his retribution against Kane for the terror he has caused on SmackDown over recent weeks. But at the brand-new pay-per-view WWE Breaking Point, The Punjabi Playboy fell victim to Kane's lethal attacks, failing to chalk up the victory. (PHOTOS)

With Singapore Canes in each of the four corners of the ring, the welts on each opponent's backs are proof of the excruciating pain each swipe of the cane brings. Khali and Kane went back and forth throughout the match - with even The Big Red Monster flying off the top rope, weapon in hand.

But perhaps the changing point of the match came when Ranjin Singh entered himself into the fray. Singh swung - and connected - with The Big Red Monster, but may have hindered The Punjabi Playboy more than helping him. Causing a distraction, Kane delivered a massive chokeslam on the 425-pound Khali.

Kane has not hid his disdain for The Great Khali, even getting to The Punjabi Playboy's brother, Ranjin Singh, making the situation extremely personal. Prior to the clash of the SmackDown titans, the two behemoths met at SummerSlam, where The Big Red Monster grabbed the helpless Singh to gain his advantage and capture the victory.

Things continued to burn out of control on SmackDown in the weeks to come. Following Kane's disqualification in a match against Rey Mysterio, an incensed Khali emerged. Once his brother nailed The Big Red Monster with the Singapore cane, Khali quickly followed suit, attacking his adversary with the wooden weapon all the way up the ramp. When Kane tried to assault Singh during tag team battle one week later, Khali again rushed away from the ring action to defend his flesh and blood. And with one swing of the Singapore Cane, the WWE Universe knew that a simple in-ring encounter would not squelch the flames burning between the two.

Now, after a brutal Singapore Cane Match, has the score finally been settled? Will Khali continue to fight for his family, or will The Big Red Machine continue to heinously rock Khali's Punjabi world? Find out Friday nights on SmackDown.

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