John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

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July 20, 2014

Then again, you know what they say about best laid plans. With Cena and Orton on the floor , Kane eventually went for a cover on the former muscle of The Shield — a move which may have been veteran instinct more than anything. When Orton saw this, all hell broke loose. WWE’s Apex Predator stuck a finger in Kane’s chest and then shoved him. The Big Red Monster responded with an uppercut that will most likely have Orton in a dentist’s chair Monday morning. What happened next was even more unbelievable as Kane attempted to superplex The Viper before Reigns and Cena each grabbed a hold of one of The Demon’s legs, leading to a seriously ugly pile of bodies in the center of the ring.

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No Superstar could hold onto an advantage at this point in the match. The moment someone connected with an offensive maneuver, they’d be hit from behind by an opponent they’d taken their eyes off of. A double draping DDT on Reigns and Cena by Orton was effective, but Kane sieged The Viper the moment he pulled it off. Orton became a human pinball from there as each competitor took a turn knocking him around the ring. Cena even hooked him in the STF — twice! — which may have spelled the end if Reigns didn’t drag Orton out of the ring in a clever bit of defense.

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That ploy set the stage for the showdown we were all waiting on. The up-and-comer and the established hero met face-to-face in the center of the ring where they exchanged heavy fists before Reigns put Cena down with a resounding Samoan drop. When Reigns whiffed on a Superman Punch, Cena went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, which gave Reigns time to get back on his feet and successfully connect on a second Superman Punch attempt. When Reigns hit the spear, the crowd thought they were witnessing the crowning of a new champion before Kane broke things up.

That drive stayed with Reigns, though, as he circled the ring and dropkicked Cena, Orton and Kane in succession before spearing Orton through the ringside barricade. When the fiery youngster got back in the ring and took Kane off his feet with a spear, it was the single most dramatic moment of the match. The official was literally a millisecond away from counting three before Cena saved his title.

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