Divas Champion AJ Lee def. Paige

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July 20, 2014

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Divas Champion AJ Lee battled Paige at WWE Battleground 2014.

TAMPA, Fla. — Paige may be The Diva of Tomorrow, but AJ Lee remains the Divas Champion of today. The Black Widow turned back the challenge of her “frenemy” in a thrilling title contest that was a stark departure from the Divas’ previous two encounters, both of which were over almost as quickly as they began and resulted in the crowning of a new champion.

See photos of the Divas Championship Match | Video: AJ Lee comments on her win

Unlike those impromptu contests, the Divas Championship Match at WWE Battleground saw both athletes come to the ring very prepared for their opposition. On multiple occasions, both Divas survived  their foe’s signature moves, proving just how thoroughly  they scouted one another.

Though the sugary sweet compliments and suspiciously high praise that’s defined this “friendship” was nowhere to be found, the Divas Championship Match did start out with a display of sportsmanship in the form of  a  handshake. Very quickly after that, AJ and Paige went hold-for-hold and move-for-move. AJ’s spinkick was returned with a side kick from the battling Brit. A suplex attempt by the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history was reversed into a spinning DDT by the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history.

Paige used her size advantage to wear down AJ, grounding her with a chinlock. After scoring a two-count on the Divas Champion, however, Paige seemingly urged on the titleholder, saying “AJ, come on!” Moments later, Paige countered AJ’s cross body block attempt, only to have it turned into AJ’s neck-cranking Black Widow submission hold.

Surprisingly, Paige broke the hold and then  hit the Paige Turner. This time, however, it was Paige who was in for a shock, as the Divas Champion kicked out at two. Paige tried locking in the PTO submission shortly thereafter, but AJ  slipped out of the hold and connected with a brutal shin-to-skull Shining Wizard for the pinfall  to retain the title. AJ’s shown she can defeat Paige when both Divas are ready for the match, but does that mean her problems with The Diva of Tomorrow are in the rear view mirror?

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