Adam Rose def. Fandango (Kickoff Match)

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July 20, 2014

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TAMPA, Fla. – It was a happy birthday for Adam Rose tonight, as his WWE Battleground party went unspoiled, thanks in part to his opponent Fandango’s scorned former partners: Layla and Summer Rae.

PHOTOS: Adam Rose celebrates a birthday victory with the aid of Layla and Summer

The new Rosebuds danced down the ramp with the Musha Cay native, which clearly agitated the ballroom dancer, over whom both Divas were recently at each other’s throats. Fandango instantly took out his aggravation on Rose, jumping on the party leader with a flurry of fists in the corner the moment the bell was rung. It seemed that Fandango would run away with the bout as he maintained control over Rose, but he was quickly distracted by his former love interests.

Layla and Summer had gathered the Rosebuds and began dancing around the ring while singing Rose’s theme music. When Fandango jumped down to confront and intercept the ladies, he was rewarded with a stiff slap from each Diva. This gave Rose all the time he needed to recover, quickly tossing Fandango back in the ring and putting on a mat clinic at Fandango’s expense.

VIDEO: Watch Rose get the Battleground win over Fandango

With Fandango reeling, Rose barreled from corner to corner into the dancer with a huge clothesline and followed it up with the Party Foul for the three-count. Rose then joined Summer, Layla and the rest of the Rosebuds for a dance party up the ramp, pausing briefly to accept a kiss on the cheek from both Divas, while the now-single Fandango watched on in defeat.

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