Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton ended in a No Contest

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October 06, 2013

Big Show charged down the ramp with purpose, first incapacitating referee John Cone, then delivering a devastating KO Punch to Bryan’s skull. Visibly disturbed by what he had presumably been forced to do by “The Authority,” the giant looked on as Raw General Manager Brad Maddox brought to the stage a replacement referee: none other than recently fired official Scott Armstrong.

It was Armstrong who delivered the fast count that awarded Bryan the WWE Title at Night of Champions, and it was the circumstances of that victory that led WWE COO Triple H to hold the WWE Title in abeyance the following night on Raw. At WWE Battleground, it seemed, Armstrong would redeem himself by doing what was, in Triple H’s eyes, “best for business.”

Watch Brad Maddox sound off on Big Show’s plans

However, after weeks of adhering to the cruel mandates of “The Authority” for fear of financial ruin, the down-on-his-luck Big Show leveled Armstrong to prevent the shifty ref from counting Bryan’s shoulders to the mat. After Orton got in the giant’s face for failing to fall in line, Big Show delivered a KO Punch to Orton that left The Viper sprawled out in the ring alongside his bearded rival. No doubt facing severe repercussions for his brazen act of defiance, The World’s Largest Athlete nevertheless celebrated his temporary victory over “The Authority” with the WWE Universe in Buffalo.

When the dust settled Sunday night, the WWE Championship remained without a bearer. How will Triple H and Stephanie McMahon address the abeyant WWE Title? Regardless, even though there was no winner in WWE Battleground’s main event, “The Authority” was dealt a giant-sized blow from which it might never fully recover. 

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