WWE Payback 2013 predictions

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June 16, 2013

Damien Sandow vs. Sheamus (WWE Payback Kickoff match)

Howard Finkel: Sheamus and Sandow have been matching wits over these past few weeks, with each trying to one-up the other, both mentally and physically. To me, it’s this simple: Sheamus will prevail, as Sandow will reach his wit’s end with the Irishman. WINNER: Sheamus

Anthony Benigno: Sheamus had his laughs at Sandow’s expense for a month, but “The Enlightened One” seems to have figured out the Irishman’s M.O. These two always put on classic slugfests; don’t be surprised if Sandow finally gets the better of his longtime rival. WINNER: Sandow

Watch Sandow's latest "test" for the Celtic Warrior

Alex Giannini: It may have started with a series of brain teasers, but the rivalry between Sheamus and Damien Sandow will end in a straight-up brawl. Look for The Celtic Warrior to outsmart the intellectual Superstar in battle. That, or he’ll just Brogue Kick Sandow into oblivion. WINNER: Sheamus

Jake Grate: It’s brawn vs. brains. Meat and potatoes vs. caviar and brie. “Independence Day” vs. “Remains of the Day.” Call me an aristocrat, but I’ll take the domineering, card-carrying M.E.N.S.A. member. WINNER: Sandow

John Clapp: Expect an upset, with “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” stepping up his game and reminding everyone that he’s got plenty of grit to back up the grey matter. WINNER: Sandow

Sandow: 3, Sheamus: 2

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