Point/Counterpoint: Who is "the best"?

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June 09, 2013

Inside the ring, who is the more technically proficient Superstar?

William Regal: CM Punk, without a doubt. He’s just a far more technically sound competitor. Chris, he’s a fine talent and is very, very tough, very scrappy. But the grappling skills he learned years ago, he hasn’t really advanced with them. Punk never stops training on his submission skills. He’s always doing jiu-jitsu and he’s always picking the brains of certain people. That’s what makes him an actual better technical wrestler.

Tensai: Chris Jericho. Jericho’s been around the world, he’s worked different countries and he’s wrestled many [in] different styles. Now, he mixes all those styles into one in WWE.

Kofi Kingston (interviewed prior to Ryback’s attack on SmackDown): They’re two of the most technically sound guys in history. Jericho’s been around for quite some time, and he can have a great match against anybody and match their style. Punk’s the same exact way. I’ve seen Punk go up against guys like Big Show, John Cena, and he’s very technical. [Jericho and Punk] both have submission moves and they’re very similar. It’s a toss-up.

Brodus Clay: Jericho, hands down. He knows 1,001 moves. He has the paper to prove it.

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