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April 03, 2014

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match (Pre-Show Match)

@JoeyStyles: Unlike almost all WWE Superstars, the twin sons of WWE Legend Rikishi never dreamed of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Instead, they shared the lifelong dream of being WWE Tag Team Champions. Now that they have the twin titles, no two competitors will take them away anytime soon. The gust of momentum carrying The Usos over the top rope for their synchronized dives onto their challengers will not wane before or at WrestleMania. Uce! WINNERS: The Usos

@HowardFinkel: I am a big exponent of tag team competition, so I am looking forward to this match. I am going with the upset here by picking Los Matadores. There’s a lot of power and strength comprising the other three teams, yet Fernando & Diego have the advantage in the speed and finesse departments, which should be their ticket to gaining the WWE Tag Titles. WINNERS: Los Matadores

Jake Grate: The Usos have gotten off to a strong and impressive start as first-time WWE Tag Team Champions. Despite facing three distinctly dangerous duos — all with very diverse and formidable styles — I think the high-flying Samoan Superstars will retain their titles and put on a rousing WrestleMania performance. WINNERS: The Usos

Alexander Giannini: The Usos’ ascension to WWE Tag Team Champions has been a delight to watch. But if The Real Americans can stay on the same page long enough, there’s just no other team that can match the sheer power of Cesaro & Swagger. Old Zeb’s gonna have to earn his money, but if he keeps his boys united from bell to bell, I predict a big night for the trio. WINNERS: The Real Americans

John Clapp: A relatively quiet addition to a stacked WrestleMania 30 card, look for this Fatal 4-Way to be a dark-horse candidate for show-stealing honors. Now that they’ve seemingly moved past their brief spell of disunity, look for Cesaro & Jack Swagger to finally make a huge statement by uppercutting and ankle-locking their way to the WWE Tag Team Titles. WINNERS: The Real Americans.

The Usos: 2, The Real Americans: 2, Los Matadores: 1, Ryback & Curtis Axel: 0

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