WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos def. Los Matadores, The Real Americans and Ryback & Curtis Axel

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April 06, 2014

NEW ORLEANS — Jimmy & Jey Uso displayed the hearts of champions on The Grandest Stage of Them All, as the high-flying brothers emerged victorious in a frenetic Fatal 4-Way Elimination battle to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships on the WrestleMania 30 Pre-Show. Meanwhile, the WWE Universe may have witnessed the dissolution of The Real Americans!

With WWE fans watching around the world exclusively on WWE Network,  the Samoan Superstars were up to the challenge posed by three of WWE’s most exciting and dangerous duos in a risky Elimination Match, which stipulates when a competitor is pinned or submitted, both tag team members are eliminated, with the last team standing winning WWE’s twin titles.

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The Real Americans, Cesaro & Jack Swagger, showed great teamwork, double-teaming Fernando in the early stages. The masked Superstar, however, countered with impressive springboard moves, sending both Real Americans, The Usos and Ryback over the ropes.

Throwing caution to the wind, Los Matadores launched themselves over the top rope and took out all the Superstars at ringside. Axel stopped El Torito from also going off the top rope, but Diego & Fernando grabbed Mr. Perfect’s son, giving El Torito clearance for take-off, sending all four of them crashing back onto the Superstars at ringside.

After recovering, Swagger and Diego got back in the ring, and Swagger sent Los Matadores packing from the match with a brutal Patriot Lock submission. Later on, Jey Uso hit Axel with a series of kicks and a Samoan Drop, as the tags and high-impact moves came fast and furious. When Jey countered a Swagger Bomb, Ryback tagged in and hit Swagger with a Spinebuster and Meathook clothesline. When he went for Shell Shocked, however, Cesaro aided his Real American teammate, hitting a European Uppercut and The Neutralizer on “The Big Guy” for the pin.

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It was down to The Usos vs. The Real Americans for the WWE Tag Team Titles. After initial two-on-two brawling, The Usos cleared the ring and then went over the rope ropes, laying it all on the line as chants of “THIS IS AWESOME!” rained down.

A flurry of back-and-forth action – including a backbreaker, Patriot Lock, European Uppercut and Samoan Drop – left all four Superstars down. Back in the ring, The Usos managed to toss Cesaro into Swagger and stun him with a kick, followed by a double top-rope Splash on The Swiss Superman for the hard-fought win and a shining WrestleMania moment.

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Meanwhile, despite a game effort and impressive performance, it appears The Real Americans could be headed for a split. After the bout, Swagger yelled that Cesaro cost them the match, going so far as attempting to put his teammate in the Patriot Lock.

As Zeb Colter played the peacemaker, Swagger finally offered a handshake. Cesaro accepted, but then knocked Swagger to the ground before taking his fellow Real American for a dizzying ride with the Cesaro Swing!

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