John Cena def. Bray Wyatt

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April 06, 2014

When Cena refused to take the strange bait, a furious back and forth ensued, with the ever-present intimidation of Luke Harper and Eric Rowan lurking in the shadows. As the contest unfolded, it seemed like a battle Cena couldn’t win – for even when Cena was on the offensive, The New Face of Fear looked as if such punishment was part of the plan. Case-in-point, when Cena set up for the Five-Knuckle Shuffle, Bray launched into a Spider Walk position, stopping the confused Cena in his tracks.

With every moment that passed, the two competitors traded the offensive. When Cena did seize control, rather than attacking Wyatt from the top rope, he leaped out on Rowan and Harper in a preemptive strike outside the ring, igniting a vicious exchange. Still, even in the thick of it, Cena wouldn’t sink to his opponent’s dark level – refusing to drop the steel steps onto Wyatt.

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