Editors' Choice: 8 dream WrestleMania 30 matches

#3 The Undertaker vs. John Cena

Who will challenge The Undertaker’s Streak? This question is foremost in the minds of WWE fans as they gear up, year in and year out, for The Road to WrestleMania. With WWE’s one and only Phenom having defended his spotless record a remarkable 21 times, there still remains one glaring omission from the list of Superstars who’ve tested The Deadman on The Grandest Stage of Them All: John Cena.

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The Cenation leader’s legacy at The Show of Shows — while certainly impressive — cannot touch The Undertaker’s. Yet, there is hardly a more serious threat to the venerable Streak. Cena is the most decorated World Champion of his generation — the second-most decorated of all time, behind Ric Flair — and, arguably, the unofficial “Face of WWE.” To upend The Undertaker on the one night of the year when he appears wholly unbeatable would all but cement Cena as the most dominant Superstar of all time. Moreover, Cena-Undertaker showdowns have been few and far between, adding a genuine air of rareness to the ceremonies.

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By now, The Undertaker’s Streak is simply beyond reproach. But if The Phenom wants to indulge the WWE Universe with a true WrestleMania dream match that’d no doubt have a big-fight feel, he need look no further than WWE’s biggest advocate for hustle, loyalty and respect: John Cena. — JOHN CLAPP