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March 18, 2013

Party tip: Make sure your setup steals the show

The first thing to know about tailgates is that they attract all manners of fans. Some of these folks are already more, well, extreme (#ECDUB) than others, but add the excitable nature of the WWE Universe to the mix and you can bet your roody poo that some A-list revelry is about to go down. If you’re to be taken seriously among the passion and pageantry of a WrestleMania tailgate, frying up some dogs on a rinky-dink grill out of the back of a pickup truck simply won’t do. You need to show your comrades that you mean business in your tailgating, so stake out a spot early with as much WWE-outfitted gear as you can get your hands on. Wearing your favorite Superstar’s T-shirt is a must, but any other decorations you have on hand (let’s be real here: JBL carried a WWE flag up a mountain. You can bring one to the Meadowlands) can be used to great effect as well. Don’t be afraid to customize your camp — the more unique, the better. Tout it out while you’re at it to showcase your creativity online.

One final note: We know The Rock isn’t nuts about those WWE garden gnomes you’re secretly hiding, but you’re not here to be shy. You’re here to tailgate like a boss, and do you really want that Jack Swagger superfan in the custom “We the People” RV who’s rattling the parking chains like Ultimate Warrior showing you up? 

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