10 strange (but true) WrestleMania facts

A hardcore clash subjected to change

From WWE’s return to the site of the “Ultimate Challenge” in 1990 to the “Icon vs. Icon” Match between The Rock and Hollywood Hogan, WrestleMania X8 did not disappoint anyone in the WWE Universe hoping to witness history in the making. A championship curiosity that took place during the event helped reinforce to fans around the world what the “Card subject to change” disclaimer really means.

At SkyDome on that fateful day in 2002, Goldust challenged Maven for the Hardcore Championship

Thanks to that particular title’s unique quality of being on the line every hour of every day, however, the match mutated into a much larger melee. Spike Dudley wound up pinning Maven to win the title, but his reign lasted just minutes as he eventually lost it to The Hurricane. Mighty Molly and Christian also capitalized on the 24/7 rule to become Hardcore Champion in that bout, only to have Maven sneak up on Christian to reclaim the title before ultimately escaping in a taxi. Goldust, the original challenger, did not factor into any of the decisions.

Maven’s bout with Goldust ended in one of the more unconventional ways in WrestleMania history — unless The Bizarre One, who was never actually pinned, believes the match is still going.

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