WrestleMania Diary: AJ Lee, introduction

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April 03, 2013

She’d been among them for nearly her entire life, but AJ Lee finally introduced herself to the WWE Universe at large on Sept. 7, 2010, during the season three premiere of WWE NXT. The self-professed nerd didn’t necessarily fit the mold of what one thinks of when they imagine a “Diva” — she’s more Pokémon than Christian Louboutin — but for legions of WWE fans, AJ fast cemented herself as a “Geek Goddess” they could call their own.  

In the end, AJ’s fervent fanbase brought her to week 12 of the 13-week competition, which was ultimately won by future best friend Kaitlyn. AJ has said, though, she actually won WWE NXT that season … provided, of course, you ignore the finale.

Brought together by a shared appreciation for unicorns, puppies and other creatures that cohabitate Lisa Frank notebooks everywhere, AJ and Kaitlyn soon cultivated a bond made stronger by hourslong road trips in cramped rental cars and the most inside of inside jokes.

AJ & Kaitlyn soon called themselves “The Chickbusters,” complete with their own not-so-secret handshake, forming a two-on-everyone else united front against convention while having a good time doing it. In-ring successes as a tag team were few and far between at that point, but losses to the likes of Beth Phoenix & Natalya only made AJ work harder. After a lifetime of uphill battles, she was accustomed to the climb. 

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