WrestleMania Diary: AJ Lee, Day 4

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April 06, 2013

Two months before AJ and “Ziggy” spent their first romantic Christmas together — Dolph likely foregoing eggnog for protein shakes — one young AJ Lee devotee beat The Showoff to the punch, professing his love for the then–Raw General Manager at Ringside Fest 2012 in Times Square, N.Y., with a bended-knee marriage proposal.

We all know about AJ’s history with weddings, so it’s probably for the best that Matthew Hale, 9, didn’t get a definitive answer. The ambiguity of the situation fails to discourage the Staten Island native from reminding his would-be fiancée about his intentions right in front of Dolph.

Impressed by the bravado of the tenacious lothario, Ziggler had little choice but to challenge his rival in romance to a match.

“I think he should just watch his back, cause he doesn’t know what’s coming in that match,” Hale tells WWE.com, taking Dolph’s playful dare 100 percent seriously. When asked about his strategy if he were to clash with “Mr. Money in the Bank,” his answer comes quickly.

“Easy,” Hale says. “I’m going to knock out the referee and hit Dolph Ziggler with a chair.”

It’s not uncommon for WWE Universe members to go above and beyond when they meet their heroes, but the girls and young women who await the chance to convene with the diminutive Diva during an Axxess autograph signing are faithful to a tee.


Whether gifting AJ packages of cookies, 12-inch “Metal Gear Solid” action figures or unicorn-doodled hand-written letters, the Diva’s most passionate female fans are not dissimilar from the teenaged Union City girl whose emotions took over when she met Lita back in 2001. AJ can relate.

One fellow Jersey native, Taylor from Weehawken, lets the tears come as AJ offers an embrace and, later, encouraging tweets visible to 757,169 followers. AJ might not be perceived as the most balanced or kind Diva in WWE — just ask John Cena, Kaitlyn, Daniel Bryan, Kane and countless others — but she hasn’t forgotten what it was like to be on the other end of the autograph table.

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