WrestleMania Diary: AJ Lee, Day 5

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April 07, 2013

SET IN MOTION, 3:39 p.m.
Two days after sneaking a peek at WrestleMania’s under-construction homage to the Big Apple, AJ passes through MetLife Stadium’s cavernous corridors to meet the open New Jersey air within the arena itself. The sight of the massive recreations of New York’s most celebrated landmarks, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, loses none of its luster the second time around.

Amid the artificial New York landscape that has overtaken the stadium, AJ wears WWE’s more personal tribute to the Garden State underneath her black warm-up jacket.

“It’s everything altogether in one,” AJ says of WWE’s New Jersey twist on the iconic “I Heart N.Y.” shirt. “It’s giving New Jersey the love New York gets a lot of the time.”

U CAN’T SEAT ME, 3:52 p.m.
Less than four hours before the WrestleMania Interactive Pre-Show begins streaming on WWE.com, YouTube, Facebook and the WWE App, AJ gets a fan’s-eye view of things from ringside.

Seated in a commemorative WrestleMania chair adorned with the face of a jean-shorted former romantic entanglement and a certain People’s Champion — identical seats on all sides — AJ is pensive as crewmembers, sound technicians and TV personnel buzz around her. Onstage, in the middle of putting the finishing touches on his Show of Shows performance, Sean “Diddy” Combs shouts out to Ryback.

“It’s terrifying,” New Jersey’s prodigal daughter tells WWE.com. “There’s still so much to do. I don’t even have an outfit yet, so I’m getting a little nervous. I’ve been so emotional just standing out here, and I hope I can keep it together for the match and not just be randomly crying in the middle of it.”

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