Triple H def. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred Match; If Lesnar won, Triple H would have had to retire)

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April 07, 2013

Lesnar eventually took Michaels out of the equation, first with an elbow from the apron, then with an F-5 when HBK attempted  Sweet Chin Music. That temporary distraction gave Triple H an opening, allowing him to hit a Pedigree for a two-count. The Game grabbed his trusted sledgehammer, but Lesnar ducked The Cerebral Assassin’s swing, taking the WWE COO down to the mat with an F-5. Both Lesnar and Heyman were shocked when Triple H kicked out.

The Game rolled to the floor for a brief respite, but Lesnar was right on top of him. The Next Big Thing grabbed a steel chair and battered Triple H with it, then used his freakish strength to lift the steel steps from ringside, driving them into The King of King’s body. The sound of steel crashing against flesh and bone echoed throughout the stadium multiple times, but Triple H would not let his career end this way.

Lesnar screamed at Triple H, ordering him to give up and accept his fate, but The Game answered with a slap in the face. That sent The Anomaly into a fury. Although The King of Kings tried to Pedigree his massive opponent, Lesnar countered  and trapped Triple H in the Kimura Lock. 

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