John Cena def. WWE Champion The Rock

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April 07, 2013

Victory would not come so easily at the cost of The People’s Champion, though, and the barrage raged on with epic aplomb. With dogged determination and steely resolve, the two combatants traded Rock Bottoms, Attitude Adjustments and more than a fair share of People’s Elbows to no avail. On and on they went, with no clear victor in sight … until, suddenly, one emerged.

To the audience at home and the record-breaking crowd at MetLife Stadium, it wasn’t immediately apparent what was the catalyst of Cena’s ultimate deliverance from the personal hell of WrestleMania XXVIII. Perhaps The Rock finally let his guard down. Perhaps Cena was just a bit stronger, a bit bigger, a bit faster and a bit more determined than the man who clawed his way from an eight-year hiatus in Hollywood to reclaim the WWE Championship. Perhaps, like so many quests for redemption, it came down to the tiniest bit of luck.

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Whatever it was, The Great One attempted a fourth Rock Bottom and Cena, sensing opportunity, writhed free of the maneuver. As the WWE Universe held its collective breath, Cena jettisoned The People’s Champion into the cool New Jersey sky with an Attitude Adjustment. A three-count later and redemption was his.

The bout — and Rock’s reign — was over, but the evening was not yet, as Cena recovered from the initial shock of his victory to share a heartfelt, private exchange with The People’s Champion in the ring. In the ultimate gesture of sportsmanship, Cena yielded the spotlight one final time to his potentially greatest foe, saluting The Great One as he strode back to the locker room in defeat. Proving himself as gracious a loser as he is a champion, The Rock ceded the final moments of WrestleMania 29 to the triumphant new champion.

Quite simply, John Cena has finally beaten The Rock. But, of course, next comes the question that every man must face when he scales his personal mountaintop:

Now what?

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