John Cena def. WWE Champion The Rock

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April 07, 2013

Cena’s hesitation, while unusual, perhaps shouldn’t have been all that surprising. The seeming finality of The Great One’s triumph over Cena in their WrestleMania XXVIII grudge match sent the 10-time WWE Champion into a tailspin from which he vowed — though not always convincingly — to recover from in 2013. But since staking his claim to The Brahma Bull’s WWE Championship, the Cenation leader’s dour body language and facial expressions had begun to take on an air of desperation in the weeks leading to The Show of Shows.

Cena's road to salvation | Cena to Rock: "I beat me"

Ironically, however, Cena was the first of the two Superstars to come within victory’s grasp, rallying from The Great One’s onslaught to execute the Five Knuckle Shuffle on the prone People’s Champion, reversing the People’s Elbow into the STF only moments later when The Great One was poised to reclaim the advantage. The Brahma Bull’s power saved him from Cena’s clutches, but the challenger’s apparent underestimation of his opponent’s resolve nearly cost him the bout again. Rock sprang up from the mat and slammed the stunned Cena with a Rock Bottom, but the Cenation leader kicked out. Not to be outdone, The Great One kicked out of Cena’s Attitude Adjustment moments later.

The Great One rocks The Show of Shows

As their battle progressed, the two Superstars abandoned all pretenses and cued up the heavy artillery, tossing signature maneuvers at each other in the hopes of keeping the other down. For a moment, it seemed like Cena had the advantage again when Rock nearly fell victim to the same hubris as his opponent last year, attempting Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle and running straight into Cena’s waiting arms for an AA. The Cenation leader later used the same history to his advantage when he suckered Rock into another AA after faking him out with a façade of the same People’s Elbow endeavor that cost him the bout last year.

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