The tumultuous history between The Undertaker and Paul Heyman

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March 30, 2013

Heyman enacts Mr. McMahon’s orders against The Phenom

One of the earliest encounters between Paul Heyman and The Deadman occurred during Heyman’s tenure as SmackDown General Manager in 2003. On the Oct. 23 episode of SmackDown, The Phenom battled WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and U.S. Champion Big Show in a Handicap Match. At the time, The Undertaker was embroiled in a bitter rivalry with Mr. McMahon — thus, as SmackDown General Manager, Heyman tried to make the evening a living hell for The Phenom.

Although The Deadman was victorious, Heyman changed the contest to a Best Two-out–of-Three Falls Match after The Phenom pinned Big Show. When The Undertaker tried to win the second fall by count-out, Heyman changed the stipulations to include no count-outs. When Lesnar and The World’s Largest Athlete were disqualified, The SmackDown GM again changed the bout to a No Disqualification Match. Although The Undertaker was ultimately victorious, the match initiated the animosity that would exist between The Phenom and Paul Heyman.

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