The tumultuous history between The Undertaker and Paul Heyman

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March 30, 2013

At WrestleMania 29The Undertaker looks to extend his unprecedented undefeated streak to 21-0 by silencing the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the modern era — CM Punk. There is certainly no love lost between the two WWE Superstars — even before Punk took possession of Paul Bearer’s urn and used it as a means to get under The Deadman’s skin, the Superstars had crossed paths before. But now, The Second City Saint is a different competitor — a better competitor — and The Phenom’s Streak is in real jeopardy.

There is more to the coming battle, though, than just the personal enmity and history between The Undertaker and CM Punk — in fact, the greatest variable of the entire equation may be Paul Heyman.

Heyman and The Phenom share a harsh animosity of their own — a rivalry that endured for years and became bitterly personal with the inclusion of Bearer.

It’s possible that in another lifetime, Heyman and The Phenom could have been allies, but the events transpiring in the early years of 21st century tell a different story. After nearly a decade, could Heyman be the deciding factor in the battle at WrestleMania 29? Why would he alter the course of history other than to feed his own insatiable ego? The answer is simple — payback.

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