5 Most Wanted WrestleMania 29 Dream Matches

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Who wouldn't love to see what happens when two "Paul Heyman guys" collide? Common sense dictates Heyman would do anything and everything to keep his two biggest clients away from each other in the ring. Then again, the mastermind behind ECW has a well-honed eye for money match-ups, and he must realize —albeit reluctantly — that Punk vs. Lesnar has box office appeal written all over it.

The style clash makes it a tough match to predict. Lesnar is a juggernaut who has competed (and excelled) collegiately, in mixed martial arts and inside the squared circle. Punk took a completely different route to the main event, evolving from a scrappy, undersized heavyweight into one of the five longest-reigning WWE Champions of the last quarter-century. Other than each Superstar’s outspokenness, Lesnar and Punk share one common bond: their sly manipulator, Heyman.

Here's the rub (besides the seeming conflict of interest that this match would hold for Heyman): When the WWE Universe last saw Lesnar, he quit WWE on Tout. Now, his stern countenance appears front and center on the WrestleMania poster art. It is a development that has not been acknowledged on Raw, but begs the question, “What gives?”

The silence of WWE officials has only fueled speculation as to what it all means. Would Lesnar reconsider his abruptly announced retirement for a return to WWE and The Grandest Stage? Or has WWE put out feelers, via Heyman, for Lesnar's return? Whatever the impetus, this much is clear: WWE has not released outdated promotional materials to hype the biggest show of all time. Lesnar’s face on the WrestleMania 29 poster is no mistake.