5 Most Wanted WrestleMania 29 Dream Matches

Rock 'n' Sock Connection vs. Team Hell No

Imagine, if you will, two diametrically opposed Superstars — former World Champions, let’s say — joining forces and, against all odds, overcoming their seemingly insurmountable differences to win the WWE Tag Team Titles. Not only are the odd couple’s mutinous tendencies strangely conducive to winning, but they also make the duo’s on-screen interactions insanely fun and entertaining.

Sound familiar? Today, of course, your mind races immediately to Team Hell No, but if you were to turn back the dial to 1999, the obvious answer would be The Rock & Mankind — the loosely-knit pairing known as The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection. Given the obvious parallels, a match between these two teams would be a fitting addition to The Show of Shows.

Though the match would require WWE Legend Mick Foley to step back in the ring as a competitor, Team Hell No vs. The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection has plenty of fascinating components.

Even if it's in tag competition, the notion of Daniel Bryan facing The Rock on The Grandest Stage of Them All would be enough to make most longtime Bryan fans' brains explode. Beyond the contest itself, however, part of the fun would be in the epic build-up. (The Rock would no doubt see the more farcical aspects of Team Hell No as nothing more than smack-talk fodder.)

The main obstacle to getting this match made may be the retired Foley. Or it could be the fact The Rock has a WWE Title Match with his name written on it at the Royal Rumble, and that could easily portend a main event position at WrestleMania 29. Then again, there's also Team Hell No's obvious combustibility to consider, as well.