10 Party-approved WrestleMania Snacks

Nothing caps off the big-game feel of a WrestleMania party quite like the right menu. Certain events – the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and prophesized apocalypses, to name a few – just demand themed snacks of their own, and The Grandest Stage of Them All certainly falls into that category.

While preparing your WrestleMania XXVIII party, keep in mind a few of the favorites shared here. The ingredient measurements are scant, if detectable, and the cooking demands of some dishes – the duck, in particular – can be trying. Yet, we assure you that your effort will prove worthwhile, producing a true “Once in a Lifetime” experience.

Not sold on any of the snacks found here? Feel free to share WrestleMania recipes of your own, as well as photos and details of your Grandest Stage gathering, using the #MyMania hashtag. Who knows – your recipe might find its way into the mix this time next year!