Dueling Diary: CM Punk and Chris Jericho, Day 2

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March 29, 2012

Weight of the worldWEIGHT OF THE WORLD, 1:01 p.m.
In between his inked-stenciled fingers, CM Punk clasps a pen to scribble meticulous notes in a black journal. He documents his reps in between swapping weights for “clean and jerk” lifts, which cause his tattoos to contort around his wrists and elbows with each raised bar. The WWE Champion continues with planks, dumbbell lunges, leg presses and more. Everything’s recorded in a book that has likely traveled to places most people will ever see in a lifetime.

CM Punk at "home"THE BUS, 3:16 p.m.
Aboard a long aluminum coach bus, the WWE Champion welcomes perfect strangers onto his sleek chariot … provided they remove their shoes first. This is the vessel by which The Straight Edge Superstar travels between cities on the road, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, shower, sofas, bedroom and more closet space than some Chicago apartments. Once inside, Punk prepares a meal that looks more like a science project or maybe a scene from “Re-Animator.”

He digs into his fridge, then packs bunches of vegetation into his juicer for vitamin-reinforced replenishment. Punk explains that this is a ritual that’s typically performed first thing in the morning for a wake-up zing, then followed up with additional doses daily, totaling six or seven 20-ounce servings per day. While not presently in one of his infrequent “juice fasts,” The Straight Edge Superstar throws down a small glass of wheatgrass, then a ginger shot stronger than anything ever concocted by the APA. The cleansing is fulfilled with doses of pure lemon juice then cranberry juice, which begs the question if Punk’s Pepsi tattoo is now more nostalgic given his newfound blending passion. (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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