Dueling Diary: CM Punk and Chris Jericho, Day 5

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April 01, 2012

CAPE AND SCOWL, 6:46 p.m.
Costumed heroes are common in the four-color comic books read by CM Punk. At this moment, it’s time for The Straight Edge Superstar to undergo his own transformation by adorning himself with the WWE version of a cape and cowl. This is where he flips the switch and becomes the “Best in the World.”

A propped open iPad plays the symbolic anthem that’s in Punk’s blood, Rancid’s “Radio,” the song that started it all for him. It pairs well with a tattooed logo from an Operation Ivy (Rancid before they were Rancid) album cover on his left calf that the WWE Universe has probably never seen.

The Straight Edge Superstar slips on his tights first. Then, over his feet and up his legs, Punk slides on his boot covers with a three-star signature and trim of olive green and red, his favorite color. Punk takes the moment to describe his emotions.

“The biggest difference from this year and last is that I’m still here,” he says, paradoxically. “Last year, I was here but I was maybe mentally out the door. I’m still pissed off, I still have a lot to prove and that’s good.”

Punk continues, “It means I’m still hungry. I’m still willing to sacrifice. I’m invested 100 percent in the company, emotionally, physically and mentally.

The hands on his wrist tape watch would probably display a quarter to clobbering time right about now.


IT’S COLT CA-BA-NA!, 7:10 p.m.
“Yeeyyyyy!” The WWE Champion is met by one-man ballyhoo in the skybox of the Sun Life Stadium. His elated cheerleader is the tattooed Superstar’s best friend, Colt Cabana.

The guy who Punk turned and waved to during his infamous pipebomb blast in summer 2011 is live here at WrestleMania. The independent wrestling sensation and affable podcast host traveled to Sun Life Stadium to see his buddy, Punker, beat Chris Jericho.

“It’s such an exciting time for me as [Punk’s] friend,” Cabana says. “This is the biggest stage. So many people have come from all over the world and Punk’s one of the top dogs at this event. His plan is to go out here and literally try to steal the show.”

Cabana has been present for some of The Straight Edge Champion’s defining moments and he’s expecting tonight will be no different.

“I was there when he won both Money in the Banks, I was there when he was a gangster in the car,” Cabana explains. “I know how huge this is going to be. I’m excited for next year, five years, 10 years when he’s the King of WrestleMania.”

The wrestling funnyman chats it up with CM Punk among some other mutual friends. They surround him to tell him to “kill it” and Punk vows to do just that.

“Nothing less is acceptable,” he says.

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