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Greatest Legend of WrestleMania voting results

Greatest Legend of WrestleMania voting results

Voting Now Closed
Thank you for voting in the "Who is the Greatest Legend of WrestleMania" poll.

Final Results:
Undertaker: 44%
Shawn Michaels: 23%
Hulk Hogan: 16%
Bret "Hit Man" Hart: 11%
Triple H: 6%

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Week Five Results:
Bret "Hit Man" Hart: 59%
John Cena: 23%
Batista: 10%
Jake "The Snake" Roberts: 7%
JBL: 1%

Week Five Recap
Last week's vote has left another venerated Superstar above the cut. Bret "Hit Man" Hart managed to collect 59% of the votes and became the fifth and final Legend to be added to the lightning round for this week.

In case you're just getting in on the voting action, we've been pitting Superstar against Superstar for the past five weeks and asking you, the WWE Universe, to decide which one deserves the moniker of "Greatest Legend of WrestleMania." Week one was captured by Hulk Hogan, week two by Triple H.  Weeks three and four belonged to Shawn Michaels and Undertaker, respectively. And last week went to the Hit Man. For the sixth and final week, each of the previous winners will be pooled together. The same rules apply, you'll be able to log your vote once a day starting after 6:00 PM EST this evening, all the way up to 4:00 PM EST next Monday, only this time the winner is going to get crowned at the Hall of Fame Ceremony. The stakes are higher this week, so make sure to vote during your regularly scheduled daily visits to WWE.com.


Week Four Results

  • Undertaker: 77%
  • Randy "Macho Man" Savage: 10%
  • Ultimate Warrior: 7%
  • Edge: 5%
  • Yokozuna: 1%


Week Three Results

  • Shawn Michaels: 39%
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: 36%
  • Randy Orton: 5%
  • Chris Jericho: 3%
  • Eddie Guerrero: 17%


Week Two Results

  • Triple H: 44%
  • Kurt Angle: 22%
  • "Andre the Giant": 18%
  • "Rowdy" Roddy Piper: 8%
  • Kane: 8%

Week Two Recap
Week two's results told a starkly different story from week one's close-call victory for Hulk Hogan in the "Greatest Legend of WrestleMania" vote sponsored by Best Buy.

Running away with nearly half the votes, Triple H proved that he has the largest and most dedicated WWE fan base among the field of legendary contestants of this past week.

Even the second place finisher, Kurt Angle, was desperately far back in Triple H's rear-view mirror, pulling in only about half the votes for a total of 22 %.

Behind Triple H came WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant and fourth and fifth finishers, Kane and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

Going into the third week of voting, we have already been exposed to a unique mix of Superstars that ranges from the industry-defining to the bleeding edge of wrestling entertainment.

This week will be no exception. You, the fans, will have to choose from the rising new blood of Randy Orton, the veteran yet still-active talents of Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho, the recently canonized attitude of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, or the timeless, high-flying style of the legendary Eddie Guerrero.


Week One Results

  • Hulk Hogan: 47%
  • The Rock: 44%
  • Mankind: 5%
  • Ted DiBiase: 3%
  • Big Show: 1%

Week One Recap
Despite what appeared to be a runaway lead early on in the vote this past week, Hulk Hogan began losing ground to the most electrifying man in WWE -- The Rock -- after only the first 24 hours. What began last Monday as an 18% margin of victory for Hogan ultimately thinned to a mere 3% by the time voting closed. This decision by our fans will bring Hogan one step closer to being named the Greatest Legend of WrestleMania at WWE's Hall of Fame ceremony on April 4.

This week's results told a story about two Superstars, even though there were five to choose from. Hogan's slim victory came with a 47% slice of the WWE Universe pie to The Rock's 44%. That left about 9% to be shared between Mankind, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, and Big Show.

Over the next four weeks, the WWE Universe will have the ability to choose from among 20 more Legends of the industry (five each week) in order to fill the final vote card. On the fifth and last week, the four winners of the previous weeks will join Hulk Hogan on the ballot to decide once and for all whom our fans consider to be the Greatest Legend of WrestleMania. The fans have a unique opportunity with this vote to choose from among Legends of all eras, including the current one. Where Hall of Fame inductees normally have to wait for some time before being considered for the honor, this vote gives WWE fans a chance to pit those historic loyalties against ones that may exist right now in a truly objective match up.

To be sure, we expect a number of surprising and even controversial names to enter the voting fray in the coming weeks, but fans will have to come back each Monday by 6:00 p.m. to find out. This week will be no exception as Triple H, Kurt Angle, Andre the Giant, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and Kane all vie for your allegiance. You'll be able to come back every day to cast a vote and make your difference, and if last week was any indication, we can expect some very tight races.

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