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WrestleMania XXIV Fan Axxess Tour

WrestleMania XXIV Fan Axxess Tour

ORLANDO, Fla.  -- Beneath the beating beams of the Florida sun, droves of our fans enjoyed their own personal WWE experience inside Universal Studios theme park at the latest stop on the WrestleMania XXIV Fan Axxess Tour on Friday afternoon.

In addition to participating in roughly a dozen unique, interactive WrestleMania-themed stations, those in attendance also had the opportunity to meet, greet and even hug a gaggle of WWE Superstars -- Tommy Dreamer, Jimmy Hart, Eve, Stevie Richards, Nunzio, Charlie Haas and Colin Delaney.

Speaking of Delaney, ECW's frail fighter was wide-eyed and energetic at what is his very first WWE appearance of this kind.

"This is my first WrestleMania experience, period," Delaney stressed, "because Rochester, N.Y., doesn't really get too many WrestleManias. It's surreal -- having people come up to me and recognize me. Not too long ago, I was the guy who waited in line for Superstars' autographs."

"I waited all night one time to meet Mick Foley at a Wal-Mart. I camped out. That wasn't even that long ago. Now, here I am, fans as far as the eyes can see. It's amazing; I'm getting to sit down with Tommy and the other Superstars. I'm having a great time right now."

Away from the autograph table, many fans competed for WrestleMania XXIV logo laser pens, t-shirts and more in the Money in the Bank Trivia Contest, while others showed their fanhood by imitating their favorite Superstars at the newly unveiled "Extreme Entrance" station.

One charismatic eight-year old fan, Loui Hemstock of Nottingham, England, made heads turn in the middle of Universal Studios with his animated impression of John Cena's WWE ring entrance. His tongue swilling, head-swinging strut accompanied by the Dr. of Thuganomics' signature "You Can't See Me" gesture was an entertaining display that drew smiles from others looking on.

"I watch John Cena a lot and I'm his biggest fan," Hemstock said, just minutes after receiving the perfect WrestleMania souvenir: The footage of his impressive imitation on DVD.

Elsewhere, WrestleManiacs slugged it out on Nintendo Wii during head-to-head SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 action. Across the way, beside the WWE Mobile on AT&T station, Jessica Rivera of Orlando took in the ambience celebrating the 24-year legacy of The Granddaddy of Them All.

"My favorite part of today was taking a picture with John Cena's [spinner] title. I felt like I was closer to him," she joked.

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