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Axxess to WWE fans in Canada

At the WrestleMania Fan Axxess Tour's only international stop, the Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario, Canada was the site for hundreds of WWE fans to get their free slice of everything WWE.
Craig Tehonchuk, a WrestleMania bound WWE Superfan, was passing time before Sunday's event at Ford Field. How? By playing other WWE fans in the SmackDown vs. Raw video game, and waiting in line to meet WWE Superstars JTG of Cryme Tyme and  Kenny Dykstra; ECW New Breed member Elijah Burke and SmackDown hotty Maryse.
"I own SmackDown vs. Raw for X-Box 360, and it's definitely my favorite station at Fan Axxess," he said. "Fan Axxess is awesome; WWE is doing a great job with this. I'm a die hard WWE fan, and I love it."
William Bawn must have enjoyed the airbrush station best. Bawn was covered in temporary WWE ink, and told WWE.com that due to his giving nature; this is as close as he would get to experiencing WrestleMania.
"I'm giving my ticket to my fiancé because we could only get one," he said. Fortunately for Bawn, there's WrestleMania Fan Axxess, which let him meet some of his favorite Superstars. "I think these types of events are important because they give people the chance to meet the wrestlers. I met Johnny Nitro here yesterday, and that was really cool."
Even the meanest of Superstars had to agree with Bawn's assessment of the importance of Fan Axxess.
"It gives a good taste of WrestleMania for our fans," said Kenny. "It allows the fans to ask the Superstars questions. When I was younger, I always wanted to have that opportunity."
WrestleMania first-timer Elijah Burke agreed with Dykstra.
"Let's be frank, there isn't much interaction that's going to go on here with my fan base. It's just me being their guiding light upon their darkened world," he said. "But, it does give WWE fans a chance to see us outside of TV, so that's cool for them."

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