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Sibling rivalry?

Sibling rivalry?

Are there any two people in WWE who are closer than Matt and Jeff Hardy? Beyond the cliché that blood is thicker than water, the Hardy brothers grew up wrestling each other in their backyard in Cameron, N.C., dreaming of one day competing in WWE. Their dream came true while they were still teenagers. Since their debut, the brothers have risen to the top of sports-entertainment.

This Sunday, Matt and Jeff will face each other, along with six other Superstars, in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23. Even though the brothers worked together at this year's Royal Rumble, both were eliminated before having to turn on each other. Matt and Jeff have each said they plan on working together again, but both realize there can only be one winner on April 1. While the brothers are focused on winning the opportunity for a title match anywhere, anytime, each claims if they can't be the winner, they hope the other is.

But do they mean it? Can brothers who have shared so much, including five WWE Tag Championships, deal with the reality of one having the Money in the Bank, and one not? WWE.com delved deeper into their past looking for proof.

As is common with brothers, growing up Matt and Jeff shared many things. Matt enjoyed the spoils of being the older of the two. However, Matt can recall the first time Jeff had something that he didn't. The two were avid skateboarders, and were saving money to upgrade from their "cheap starter boards."

"Jeff actually got one for his birthday," said Matt. "It was a real cool one at that time. It was a Jinx skateboard, and it had special trucks and wheels. We'd be out playing around and he could ride better and do tricks a lot better. It was one of the first times he had something a little cooler than me."

Matt went on to say that he eventually got a better skateboard too, and was never really jealous or upset at his brother for having the better skateboard. Years later, Jeff would find himself in a similar situation. Matt had gotten a practically new Honda CRX when he first got his license, but when Jeff's time came, he was stuck with a Dodge Aries K-car.

"I felt kind of like a nerd driving to school," recalled Jeff. "That was one thing he had that I didn't have, but his grades were always better than mine, so he probably deserved it more than me," admitted Jeff. "I totaled the Aries not too long after I got it too, so it kind of worked out."

The brothers are older now, and say they are closer than ever. Another thing they share is the excitement of competing in front of the massive Detroit crowd Sunday at the biggest event in sports-entertainment.  It seems that no matter what happens in Money in the Bank, they really will be happy for each other should one of them win.

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