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Do we have a deal?

Do we have a deal?

Thanks to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and the Battle of the Billionaires, the smell of money is in the air at WrestleMania 23. For Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, King Booker, Mr. Kennedy, Finlay, Randy Orton, Edge and CM Punk, competing to bank a future World Title opportunity is the chance of a lifetime. To assess this scenario, WWE.com spoke with someone who knows a lot about cashing in and valuable briefcases: the mysterious "Banker" of NBC's Deal or No Deal.

WWE.com: On your Banker's Blog, you say you have a background in psychology. As an expert who uses psychology to deter his opponents, what advice would you give to the eight WWE Superstars vying for a World Title opportunity in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match?

Banker: I actually don't use psychology to "deter" opponents as much as I use it to study my opponent's psychological weaknesses. Find out where they are vulnerable and then go for the kill. My advice would be to be as mindful as possible not only of where you see physical chinks in the armor but also the mental chinks.

WWE.com: On Deal of No Deal, you're mental toughness has proven to be second to none. How important is being mentally tough for WWE Superstars?

Banker: I would say it's very important. I'm sure being in the ring is a huge emotional rush, but you can't lose your head or you may end up actually losing it.

WWE.com: If you were competing against seven people for a major prize (like a championship opportunity), how would you go about winning? Would you rely solely on the ability to out wit an opponent?

Banker: In that kind of scenario, I think you have to be adaptable and customize your attack and defense to suit the opponent in front of you.

WWE.com: On April 1 in Detroit, WWE Superstars will compete in front of more than 70,000 screaming WWE fans. Given what you've seen on Deal or No Deal and having mentioned in your blogs the relationship of the fans and the contestant, how does an audience impact a competitor? Does having that play out as an advantage or a disadvantage?

Banker: I think a great competitor uses every resource possible, and feeding off the supportive energy of a huge crowd can be a wonderful ally and motivator.

WWE.com: Finally, given your experience with finance and your ability to appraise value, what dollar amount would you assess a WWE title opportunity is worth?

Banker: To me, it's near impossible to put a price tag on that kind of opportunity.

Be sure to catch the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday live on pay-per-view and check out "The Banker" each Sunday night at 9/8 CT and Monday night at 8/7 CT on NBC.

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