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Barber's buzz

Barber's buzz

At WrestleMania 23, either Mr. McMahon or Donald Trump will be shaved bald following the Battle of the Billionaires. However, the losing billionaire won't be the only one personally affected. Should Mr. McMahon lose his precious head of hair on April 1, it would interrupt a longstanding ritual with his barber, Manhattan's Joe Ancona.

"I've been cutting Mr. McMahon's hair for about 20 years now," Ancona told WWE.com. "He comes to see me every week. He also gets a shave and a facial when he comes to see me."

Not to embarrass anyone, but when prodded, Ancona admitted that Mr. McMahon's claim of his hair being "au natural" has not always been 100 percent accurate.

"We used to do a little extra rinse about five years ago, but he decided it was a little too dark so we stopped doing that."

Ancona also said that while Mr. McMahon has had basically the same hairstyle for a long time, having no hair at all wouldn't look too bad.

"He's a good looking man; I think he would look great no matter what. He used to have longer hair, but I've been cutting it a little shorter over the years. He'd look great even without hair."

Should Mr. McMahon win at WrestleMania, Ancona admitted he would offer the Chairman his help in shaving Donald Trump's head.

"(Trump's) style is very unique. He has what we call the 'wrap-around;' it goes from front to back and around," Ancona mused. "I think he would look good with a crew cut, it would be a lot less work for him in the morning! If Mr. McMahon needs the help, it would be my pleasure to work on Donald."

A McMahon victory on April 1 could possibly spike Ancona's business. But what if he loses? Knowing how much the WWE Chairman enjoys the finer (and costlier) things in life, one could assume how much Ancona's business would be affected if Mr. McMahon's head is shaved. 

"I have two kids in college, I need the support," Ancona laughed. "I'll still see him for his shave and his facial, but if we have to do without the haircut for a little while, hopefully Mr. McMahon will find it in his heart to compensate me."

Hopefully, Ancona won't need that charity...but unfortunately for him, come April 1, he may be unpleasantly surprised by the sight of his most famous client shaved bald.

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