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Mr. McMahon talks 'Fast Money' on CNBC

Mr. McMahon talks 'Fast Money' on CNBC

Mr. McMahon capped off a busy day as a special guest on CNBC's Fast Money this evening. During the show's Pop Stock segment, Mr. McMahon talked business, and Battle of the Billionaires, with host Dylan Ratigan.

After a quick clip of the billion-dollar bitch slap at today's WrestleMania press conference, Mr. McMahon told the Fast Money Five guys he expects huge revenues from WrestleMania 23 this Sunday in Detroit.

Fast Money contributor Jeff Macke, who sports a completely bald head, was eager to speak to Mr. McMahon.

"Jeff has something in common with Donald Trump after this Sunday," Mr. McMahon smiled.

"I just don't understand the downside to WrestleMania here, Vince. Wouldn't you like to have a good-looking head of hair like this?" Macke joked, rubbing his head.

"I wouldn't look as good as you, Jeff," Mr. McMahon replied. "Not even close."

Mr. McMahon told the Fast Money Five that this year's WrestleMania has had plenty of media and press coverage, which is one reason why this Sunday's event will be such a success.

"We have these two icons. One is handsome and benevolent -- that would be me. The other is a pompous, arrogant individual -- Donald Trump," Mr. McMahon said.

Fast Money contributor Eric Bolling had a few photos to share with Mr. McMahon at the end of the Pop Stock segment.

"Ever wonder what like the biggest oil trader in the NYNEX pits does between oil trades?" asked Ratigan. "Get a look."

Doctored-up photos of Mr. McMahon and Trump with bald heads appeared on screen to chuckles from the Fast Money Five.

"Did you see that, Vince? I actually think you'd do okay like that," Ratigan joked.

"I don't know. You never can tell," Mr. McMahon replied.

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