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Diva Fashion Report: Hall of Fame

Diva Fashion Report: Hall of Fame

Like the Oscars, Emmys or any other top-level awards show, the WWE Hall of Fame at Detroit's Fox Theatre was the place to be, and be seen. While all the Superstars looked their very best, the WWE Divas stole the show with their red carpet fashions.

There were two trends the Sexiest Women in Television seemed to follow. Some wore bold, rich colors; others stuck to traditional black outfits and set themselves apart through details and accessories.

Playboy cover girl Ashley wore a canary yellow gown that was fit snug around two of her famous assets — and no, not her lip rings. The color of the dress perfectly complimented her blonde locks, and really set off her ebony streaks.

Former Women's Champion Mickie James wore a shiny, dark blue halter dress. The dress was perfectly complemented by her swept up hair and glam makeup, completing her ‘40s inspired look.

After making her return to SmackDown this week, Michelle McCool wanted her presence to be felt; she did so by wearing an electric blue dress. The sparkly straps on the dress with her gold dangle earrings and smoky eyes kept her looking polished without being overdone.

Layla was ravishing in red this evening. She wore her normally curly hair straightened, which mirrored the sleek lines of her corseted top and knee-length dress. A simple pearl clutch purse was a wise choice for carrying all of those things a girl can't live without — without distracting from her look.

Fellow member of Extreme Expose, Brooke, donned a turquoise, jewel-encrusted strapless gown. A matching necklace and earrings kept her monochromatic look flashy, not gaudy.

Women's Champion Melina had some fun with her outfit, wearing a flirty black halter dress with red flowers embroidered on the waist. Ariel's black dress was the prefect, clean background to display her macabre streak of white hair, balanced by a sweet pink flower tucked behind her ear.

Several of the Divas in the "black pack" accented their beautiful bodies with a little bling. Candice Michelle had crystal embellishments lining the top of her strapless gown. Torrie Wilson had sparkly circles running down the side of her curve hugging, ruched dress. ECW Diva Trinity's black dress was accentuated with a single sparkly hoop that gathered her dress up around her neck. Raven and red-headed Victoria set off her black gown with a sparkly necklace and earrings.

One Diva, who is no stranger to a beautiful gown, broke from tradition. Queen Sharmell looked gracious and gorgeous in black sequined tuxedo pants and matching jacket.

No matter how the ladies wore it this evening, they wore it well. Tonight they showed the world why they are the Sexiest Women on Television.

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