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Celebs weigh-in

Celebs weigh-in

With all the buzz surrounding the Battle of the Billionaires Match at WrestleMania 23, big-name Hollywood celebrities are anxious to weigh-in on which billionaire they want to see shaved bald. Will The Chairman's mane be a casualty of WrestleMania? Or will Trump's signature coif end up on the ground at Ford Field? Here is what some of Hollywood's brightest stars predict.   

Saturday Night Live alum Norm MacDonald is crystal clear with his choice, "Trump will lose, so it doesn't matter! Vince is cooler -- it's hard to imagine Vince having a feud with Rosie O'Donnell."  

Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame also wants to see "The Donald" bald. "With all deference, I'm not here to denigrate anyone's hair," joked the folically-challenged Alexander. "But I cannot figure out what is going on with the Trump hair. I would love to see it shaved, not because I wish him any disgrace, but I would love to see it as it grows back in. You'd get to see what direction each hair naturally wants to go in. I would be fascinated by that. I wish I had his problems!"

Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation sides with one of his childhood heroes. "Mr. McMahon blows Donald Trump away. I'm a long time, old-school wrestling fan, going all the way back to the days of Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and Big John Studd. Vince McMahon provided me with hundreds of hours of entertainment when I was growing up, all Donald Trump has ever done is annoy me."

ER's Mekhi Phifer is one guy who pulls off the shaved-head look perfectly, and he had some words of advice for both billionaires. "Go see my barber. His name is Tre, and he's very good." 

The above interviews were conducted at the 5TH ANNUAL WORLD POKER TOUR INVITATIONAL. This is known as the most glamorous stop on the poker circuit. The exclusive, invitation-only event welcomes Hollywood celebrities and world-class poker professionals who go head-to-head in a freeroll Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament for charity, $225,000 in cash prizes and bragging rights. The event was at The Commerce Casino in Los Angeles on this past Saturday (March 3).

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