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Billion-dollar bitch slap backfire

Billion-dollar bitch slap backfire

For the first time in Donald Trump's public life, the billionaire real estate mogul sealed the deal with a physical confrontation, in front of a worldwide TV audience. After getting poked and prodded by an irate Mr. McMahon, Trump had enough and shoved the rival billionaire over a table and chair, leaving Mr. McMahon lying in shock in front of the raucous Raw crowd.

When WWE.com approached Mr. McMahon today, he was still visibly angry over last night's public humiliation and refused to comment on the situation. One thing evident last night was that neither billionaire's famous coifs were mussed in the tussle. However, the same will not be said at WrestleMania when one will be shaved bald.

With the historic match just days away, the possibility of having his head shaved must be sinking into Donald Trump and Mr. McMahon… well, Trump at any rate.

"When I was in military academy, I used to have my hair cut very, very short and I didn't like it," Trump told WWE.com in an exclusive interview. Mr. McMahon also attended military academy when he was younger. "I'm not sure what he thought of his buzz cut."

Many people have asked how Trump keeps his 'do looking the way it does.

"I use shampoo and I use conditioner and I use a comb and that's about it," confessed Trump. "Very simple."

Having created the majority of his wealth through a successful real estate career, The Donald has mixed feelings on the effects of a radical haircut might have on business.

"I know a lot of bald people who are very successful and I have a lot of bald friends that are very successful," said Trump. "Hopefully it won't affect my business, but it very well might."

Even with his tenuous feelings about what life with a shaved head would be like, Trump is very confident in his representative Bobby Lashley. In fact, the savvy businessman hasn't bothered preparing a Plan B. "I won't lose," he said confidently.

While Trump's family is also confident he will win, they are not excited about the repercussions if he doesn't.

"I don't think they're thrilled at the prospect of me being bald," Trump admitted. "They don't like that I've put myself on the line to the extent that I have, especially my daughter Ivanka. She would not like it if I get my head shaved."

Certainly any daughter would not want to see her father go through that sort of public humiliation, which begs the question: How will Stephanie McMahon react if her father's head is shaved? Can you say, Battle of the Billion Dollar Princesses?

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